Rahul Gandhi’s Shocker To TPCC Leaders


Is Congress chief Rahul Gandhi showing the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee leaders their place? Is he asserting himelf by raising key questions about the list of the candidates that the TPCC has prepared? Is he indirectly telling that they can no longer play coterie politics?

On Friday, the Congress leaders led by TPCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy and the AICC screening committee members went to to Delhi with a list of about 40 persons. After glancing through the list, Rahul Gandhi asked them: “Where are the names of student leaders from Osmania University?” The Congress leaders were non-plussed. He then immediately ordered that the list be stopped forthwith so that the students’ names would be included.

The Congress leaders from Telangana have shared the seats among themselves and their followers and family members. With Rahul Gandhi’s intervention, their plan to gobble up seats has come to a naught. Rahul feels that OU is very critical to the Congress success as the OU Students have successfully prevented KCR from addressing a meet in the university. They have staunchly opposed KCR and his policies. So, roping in OU students is very important, feels Rahul.

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