Raid on Hotel Sitara Grand, room no 308!


Raid-on-Hotel-Sitara-GrandProstitution and sex rackets are not new to Hyderabad. But gone are the days when these rave parties and rackets used to happen in the outskirts of the city during calm weekends.

Now the dirty culture has come to the heart of the city. Sons and children of politicians and children of high profile bureaucrats are engaging models from other cities to indulge in unnatural ways of sex.

Police raided a polished hotel in Ameerpet and took into custody a gang running racket. Model was brought from Mumbai and her details posted on internet websites such as Locanto and from then they entertain the clients in posh hotels.

Sitara Grand Room no 308 happened to be the spot. Police raided the room on a tip off and arrested the gang and sons of city’s elite!