Rajdeep’s Take on TDP Ministers Resignations


AMARAVATI: CM Chandrababu Naidu ended the waiting game he played since the past four years. From saying Special Status is Sanjeevani, He has come to the stage of questioning ‘Does Special Status bring everything?’ and accepted Special Package in the late night press meet. And now, A u-turn has been taken and he demands Special Status. The manner in which TDP Supremo changed his statements as per his convenience has done more damage than good and diluted the whole issue. It has come to the stage that Modi Government began believing there won’t be much reaction from AP People whatever they might do.

What kind of message did Chandrababu Naidu sent by making Two Union Ministers resign though the alliance with BJP continued? Why is he still reluctant to quit NDA? What could be his strategy?

Noted Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai analyzed the stand taken by AP Chief Minister. ‘Chandrababu Naidu has got vast experience in Politics and every move of his would be very calculative. Grasping the mood of the people, He instructed TDP Ministers to quit Modi Cabinet and intensified the fight for Special Status. But, TDP mayn’t quit NDA as of now. Just alike any other Regional Parties, Telugu Desam is ensuring that various options are alive. By saying he informed about resignations of Ministers to Centre, Chandrababu gave an indication that he is still ready to maintain healthy relations. It’s a clear ploy to ensure Jagan doesn’t gain mileage from Special Status movement. While Jagan set April 6th as deadline for MPs resignations, Chandrababu decided to give an impression to people that he had made a much stronger decision much before YCP,’ he explained.