Rajinikanth – A Businessman Not Politician!


People who are sensitive are advised not to step into politics. Why because, Even those Film Stars who faced no opposition what-so-ever in the Industry will have to deal with brickbats from even fellow Actors & Technicians when they foray into politics. Tamil Superstar is currently in the same situation.

Sathyaraj of ‘Kattappa’ fame dared to say Rajinikanth isn’t a politician at all but a spiritual businessman. ‘Rajinikanth took many years to announce his foray into politics. This isn’t a business to start after making so many calculations. Only Businessmen will have such planning Whether or not our investment will yield results? Even Rajini entered into politics with such calculations,’ he alleged.

The Senior Actor didn’t mind saying Rajinikanth can be a good businessman rather than a politician. He mocked the ‘Spiritual Politics’ proposed by the Superstar and advised him to take the views of people into confidence before taking decisions.