Rajinikanth told to fans, Family is main


rajinikanth-told-to-fans,-fChennai: who is busy with her fan, has had an unexpected question. Speaking at the meeting two days ago, Rajini told the fans that the family was the main one. In the meantime, the man who filed the case with Dhanush’s father has come back to the media. He appeals to Rajini to send his son to her.

“Rajinikanth was also aware that Dhanush is our son. But it is not enough to respond. ” Speaking to the media at the Vellur Government Hospital, Kandirasan’s said that he was sending a letter to Rajinikanth. He expressed his disappointment that his wife, Meenakshi, was seriously sick and worried that their son was not up to them. He said that they do not get Danush from Pinna.

Rajini told parents to keep the eye on the eye. The same thing happened to his son Dhanush. Rajinikanth wanted to take action to come to them anyway. Kandirasan’s case was filed by Melu in the court of Dhanush. Dhanush was staying in the trial and was completely out of the case.