Rapes Have Always Happened: Sr Actor


Bollywood Actor Naseeruddin Shah sees the manner in which media has been reporting more rapes happening across the Nation as a positive sign.

At the trailer launch of ‘Hope Aur Hum’, Mr.Shah made it clear Rape isn’t a new phenomenon and such horrors have always happened. ‘On a positive note, More such crimes have been reported these days. I had read a wonderful thing in a newspaper that a Rape Survivor questioned why should she hide her face and said the accused has to be ashamed of what he has done. Good to see Media being so alert now-a-days and people are voicing their opinion,’ he commented.

The Acclaimed Actor feels change can’t happen overnight as mindset of generations has to be corrected. ‘Neither we could keep on policing nor expect every girl to carry a pistol or learn martial arts. Setting an example in our personal lives is what we could do. It should begin with each one of us,’ says the Veteran.