Real Facts Of Jabbar Travels Volvo Bus Tragedy Unearthed


jabbar-volvo-busAfter a thorough inquiry through forensic specialists and other investigators, Clues team has finally revealed the facts that led to the burning of an ill-fated Volvo bus on 30th September. A Hyderabad bound Bangalore based Jabbar Travels Volvo a/c bus caught fire due to driver’s negligence and killed 45 people at an incident occurred on  National Highway 44 in Mahabubnagar district.

Clues team confirmed that driver lost control due to over speeding and has hit a culvert due to which the diesel tank on the right side of the vehicle caught fire in split second. Many of the passengers failed to estimate the situation that is happening below the bus, and took time to get off.

This led to a collapse of bus base with which almost all the passengers got stranded inside. Also, the investigators confirmed that there is no question of any explosive material or chemicals being carried inside the bus that led to this tragedy.

On the other hand, police have identified 25 bodies till date through DNA testing and are handing them over to relatives of the deceased. In a couple of days more all the dead bodies will be handed over to the families.