Reason Behind the Delay in Sridevi’s Body Release


While the news of the gorgeous Sridevi’s demise is still a shock, the delayed procedure of Dubai officials to issue the clearance for the body to be released to the family is annoying in the first place and is raising various speculations on why the nag in sending the body home even after the forensic results are out. Well, here is the reason.

According to the UAE sources, for such cases of accidental death, it is a usual procedure followed in Dubai to get a review of the reports produced by forensic and autopsy by the public prosecution at the place where the incident took place. Meanwhile, the officials held the passport of Bony Kapoor.

Also, the embalming of the actor’s body is yet to be done and that can be done tonight anytime or in the early hours tomorrow. Hence, the mortal remains of Sridevi wouldn’t be handover to the family that soon. Hope they release the body soon for the India is waiting to have the last looks of their favorite star.