Reason behind Misfire at Vijayawada Bus stand


vijayawada-bus-standVijayawada: Early on Tuesday, inside the public toilets complex at arrival block in Pandit Nehru Bus Station of Vijayawada, a round was fired from a revolver. In this incident, Veera Venkataramana has sustained severe injuries. According to sources, Ravi Dutta, a man originally hailing from Ibrahimpatnam fired a round from his revolver, after a few minutes after he went into the toilet.

In this incident, the bullet fired thrashed into the thigh of Veera Venkata Ramana, a person belonging to Eleshwaram of East Godavari district. The victim has been immediately rushed by the sanitary staff (Srinu and Venkaiah) to a nearby hospital with the support of local police. Ravi Dutta and two others have been arrested by the police and have been interrogating.

As per the latest reports, Ravi Dutta has reached the Vijayawada Bus Station to shoot a person having illegal relation with his wife. In that attempt, he tried to load his revolver inside the Public toilet. Suddenly his finger kicked the trigger and the Bullet pierced through the Toilet door and injured another person named Venkataramana waiting outside the Toilet.