Rs.40 Crores In An Open Trolly In Nalgonda!


People are becoming greedy even for a few hundred rupees nowadays. In such a scenario, can anyone transport Rs.40 crore new currency without any security in an open trolly? Is it possible? The answer would be a ‘no’ generally. But the bank officials in Nalgonda have shocked everybody with their way of transporting cash.

SBI main branch in Nalgonda has made preparations to transport Rs.40 crore cash in an open trolly without taking any security measures. Just like goods bags are transported in auto trollies, they have loaded the cash into the trolly for transport. When police got the information, they have immediately reached the spot and questioned the officials that how can they transport a huge amount of cash without proper security measures. But the bank officials revealed that they have taken all the precautions while transporting cash in the open trolly.

If the Branch Manager’s words are true then how did they load the cash in open trolly just like notebooks? They didn’t even put the currency notes in bags so that people don’t know that it is cash. But the bank officials are unable to answer these questions. They are saying that they are transporting the cash with their security to Grameena Vikas Bank in Nalgonda. It is notable that the police have accompanied them to reach the destination.