Russia backs Crimea’s bid to split from Ukraine


Ukraine-crisisRussia has strongly backed Crimea’s bid to split from Ukraine in the backdrop of the United States flexing its military muscle close to Russian borders.

Both Houses of the Russian Parliament on Friday voiced support for Crimea’s plans to hold a referendum on whether to break away from Ukraine and join Russia.

The Kremlin has not yet weighed in on the Crimean referendum, but the support of the Russian Parliament, which never deviates from the government line, is revealing.

The Russian Parliament is set to discuss a bill that would allow accession to Russia of breakaway foreign territories.

Washington has ratcheted up tension over the Ukraine crisis, sending a U.S Navy warship to the Black Sea and fighter planes to Poland. The USS Truxtun, a guided missile destroyer, passed the Bosphorus Straits on Friday for joint training with the Romanian and Bulgarian Navies.