Russian girl sells her virginity online for Rs 18 lakhs


Russian-girl-sells-her-virgMoscow: A Russian girl sold herself for Rs. 18.4 lakhs on the internet. However, the 18-year old did not reveal her identity. The ad displays her name as Shatuniya and tries to lure prospective buyers with telling them that she is `New and Not Used’.

The ad invites the buyer to a hotel in Krasnoyarsk and demands advance payment from him. The Russian police has refused to take any action till the time girl and her buyer violate any regulations.

In an interview given to a Russian newspaper, Shatuniya told that she is in a desperate need of money hence she is selling her most precious possession. She is ready to meet her buyer anytime and is ready to prove that she is a virgin, Shatuniya added.

She told that she would meet her buyer at a hotel along with the documents which prove that she is a virgin. Another man would accompany her who would take the cash and leave. She said that it was not easy to fool her.

The website displaying the advertisement shows the name of apparent buyer as Evjeni Volnov but a detailed description has not been given.

According to a source, this has not qualified as an act of prostitution. Neither has the female violated any law hence no action has been taken against her.

It has also been learnt that the same female had tried to sell her virginity earlier in the month of April as well.