Sarath Kumar’s Shocking Comments on Rajinikanth


rajinikanth-party-symbolPolitics in Tamil Nadu has been attracting the attention of the country after Rajinikanth made his political announcement on December 31st last year. Film Personalities such as Lawrence and Vishal extended support to the Superstar. At the same time, Few Prominent Personalities have been taking potshots at Rajini.

Sarath Kumar alleged Rajinikanth has been using Politics for the sake of publicity before the release of his two films. He, however, maintains anybody could enter politics, be it a common man or celebrity.

The Senior Hero commented that people need to wait until next elections to know how Rajini’s spiritual politics and secularism is going to be. ‘Many people have been extending support to Rajinikanth at present. The political forces (hinting BJP) behind him will be exposed during elections. ‘Why didn’t Rajinikanth respond on the kaaveri and megadaru disputes between Tamilians and Kannadigas? If Rajini have guts, He should contest upcoming Assembly Polls in Karnataka. Why didn’t Rajini enter politics when Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi were active?,’ he questioned.

Sarath Kumar criticized Vishal, who keeps saying Youth should get more prominence in politics, for backing Thalaivar. Nobody dared to attack Rajinikanth in such a manner so far. How will the fans react?