Shocking Facts Revealed In Condom Usage


Condom-usageNEW DELHI: Truth is stranger than fiction- Mark Twain.  The news we are going to discuss is also something similar.  Central Government’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare recently revealed a startling fact regarding the condom usage among the unmarried girls.  The survey conducted by them revealed that condom usage has been drastically increased in the last ten years.

According to the National Health Survey 2015-16, unmarried girls are practicing safe methods when they are having sex.  Unmarried women aged between 15-49 are participating in sex but they are using condoms and their percentage increased from 2% to 12%.   The approximate age of the unmarried women using these condoms more is between 20-24.

The survey also revealed that 3 out of 8 unmarried women participating in sexual acts are resorting to abortion.  The increase in the percentage unmarried girls are participating in sexual acts before marriage is giving a shock to many people.  The commendable aspect is that majority of them are at least taking precautions to avoid unwanted pregnancy.