Shoe Hurled at AIMIM Cheif Asaduddin Owaisi in Mumbai Rally


shoe-hurled-at-asaduddinMUMBAI: Majlis AMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi has suffered a bitter experience. There is no need to specifically say how effective his words in the brand name are. He was unexpectedly unfurled when he was recently speaking in a House in Maharashtra.

A house was held in the nag word in south Mumbai on Tuesday night. Asaduddin talked about triple talaq in this house .. A boot went to him. This stadium in the night of 9.45 hours has caused a turbulent climate.

An unexploded boot thrown .. Assad was not able to. Asad continued to hold his speech without any trace after the incident. Assad said he would sacrifice his life for democracy.

Assad is not recognizing the fact that ordinary people, especially Muslims, are not acceptable. ” Commented that such attacks are due to hate speech.

Whatever the case that threw the boots on the side of Asan, the Azad .. Majlis, like Hyderabad, Assad said that attacks are due to hatred. Why do not these words say that when the leaders of the party are attacked by the leaders of the Left Front in the old Basti? Why did not he forget that Majlis activists attacked the home of Deputy Chief Minister of TRS, which is an ally in the Greater Hyderabad election. To say good words, the middle gap between what to say is that the Assad Lantols is worth it.