Software Engineer Ravi Adari dies in Bangarlore Volvo Bus Accident


Ravi-AdariIn the tragic bus accident, in which 44 passengers were burnt alive, near Palem in Kottakota mandal of Mahabubnagar district, the tale of a victim Ravi Adari  (27) -a software Engineer,  was strange. The ill-fated Ravi boarded the Volvo bus in Bangalore at the eleventh hour. If he had received the offer letter from KT&T on Tuesday, he would have not boarded the bus.

He was selected by both Accenture and also KT &T. He was ambivalent to choose between the two, as he had been working in Bengaluru. In fact, I also advised him to select for Accenture, a bigger multinational company, with higher reputation,’ K Leela Siva Prasad, a bereaved friend of Ravi.

According to him, Ravi, native of Vizianagaram, was their classmate and roommate too in Macharla, when they were in Newton Engineering College of 2003- 2007 batch. After finishing his B Tech with ECE discipline, he went to Benguluru, in search of employment. He had a brother, two years elder to him and a younger sister.

Elder brother runs an Internet centre at their hometown. Since the family recently decided to get the only sister married soon, Ravi determined to be a major support to the family financially. It prompted him for a monetary elevation in profession. Accordingly, he succeeded in getting through important interviews recently and two major companies, KT & T in Bengaluru, US based Accenture in Hyderabad offered him the job.

In fact, the salary package in Accenture was lesser to that of KT & T. Since Accenture was more reputed, he selected it. He was looking for KT &T offer letter, if he had got it, he would have changed his mind to stay back in Bengaluru, as he had been there for years. ” wailing Prasad said. The last call from Ravi was at late hours last night after boarding the fatal bus, he added.