Software Engineer Sunitha commits suicide


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Hyderabad, A software engineer on Thursday committed suicide in Jawahar Nagar, Ranga Reddy district.  According to reports, a suicide note was recovered form the scene.

“Take care mom and dad, take care of sister, take care of my dog Monu. No one is responsible for my death,” read the note.

According to Alwal SI Venkanna, the techie, Sunitha, was the daughter of a retired Navy officer, Surya Krantham. The family has been residing in Jawahar Nagar for the last 20 years. They had two daughters, and Sunitha was working for a private software company as software engineer, the last three years.

As per reports, Sunitha’s parents were searching for a boy for their daughter. On Thursday, Sunitha, on pretext of ill health, stayed back at home. Her father Krantham left for work, while her mother was out shopping with her younger daughter.

When they got back home, they found Sunitha hanging from a fan. They also found a black coloured liquid in a glass. Police was notified, and they rushed to the spot. During investigations, Police also found that Sunitha had sent a text message, ‘Where are you’ to an unknown number. That was the last correspondence she had with anyone.

Police are suspecting love affair as the reason behind the death.