Sonia should be Punished say Seemandhra Activists


sonia-gandhi-and-JACHyderabad: Good actions with bad Motives. Thi proverb fits very well for UPA Chair person Sonia Gandhi.

The Telangana Resolution in the CWC Meeting is announced a few days before. Sonia Gandhi is expected to be the crucial person behind the  Telangana Resolution.

Sonia Gandhi might have announced a Telangana resolution favouring the Telangana state formation, bifurcating the present Andhra pradesh state. But, the intentions behind the decision are reported to be Political.

The disunity among the Telangana and Seemandhra people are cached by Political leaders like Sonia Gandhi. The Telangana issue is being used by Sonia Gandhi for the Congress Party and personal benefits in the General Elections 2014. Her Personal benefits are considered to be more important than the Public interests. Attaining Power, authority, assets etc seems to be more important to Sonia Gandhi than the public opinion.

When the Sri Krishna Committee is appointed for resolving the Telangana issue, it’s report is not considered by the Congress High command. This reveals the Sonia Gandhi’s lust for regaining Power through Political game, state the seemandhra activists.

Politicians like Sonia Gandhi divide people on the basis of Caste, Religion, Region etc and create differences among them for Political gains. To backfire such attempts of these politicians, the people should be United, say JAC activists.

The only solution to teach a lesson to Political leaders like Sonia Gandhi is by maintaining Unity among the Seemandhra and Telangana public, says the Student JAC activists.

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