Sonia Urges Telanganites!


Sonia Gandhi sent a video message to the people of Telangana before the end of deadline for campaigning in the Assembly Polls. She tried to convey that People’s Front (Praja Kutami) is formed for fulfilling the aspirations of the Telangana People.

UPA Chairperson recalled the initiative she took for the formation of Telangana State despite facing many hurdles. She accused TRS of betraying the Telanganites in the past four-and-a-half years.

Gandhi described Praja Kutami as the collaboration of each and every section of people in society. She appealed Telangana People to vote for the People’s Alliance which will make their dreams come true.

Congress Party seems to be using Sonia Gandhi’s video message as its last weapon. How far it’s gonna influence the voters of Telangana?

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