South-West Monsoon Moving Towards Telangana


The south-west monsoon is moving steadily towards Telangana. According to the Met department, the rainfall that the state capital and other parts have seen over the last few days is not related to the progress of the monsoon. The rainfall lowered temperatures in the state over the past three days, significantly. On Saturday, Hyderabad recorded 30�C, bringing the temperature down by 10� over the last week. However, this rainfall has nothing to do with thunderstorm activity prevailing over the state caused by a trough running between Maharashtra and north Tamil Nadu.

Hot air combined with humidity from the Bay of Bengal caused cloudy conditions over the past three days. This marks an intervening period between summer and monsoon, according to met officials.

According to IMD-Hyderabad director Y.K. Reddy, the south west monsoon would reach Rayalaseema by June 5 and move steadily towards south coastal Andhra Pradesh and south Telangana state. In the week following June 8, both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana likely to be covered.

Judging by its current movement, the south west monsoon may reach the state by June 5 and cover the state by the end of the week.

Thunderstorms, which are causing the ongoing spell of rain are a regular feature before monsoon sets in, according to Met Department officials. This current spell of rain is likely to prevail till today. Thunderstorms and strong gusts of winds have been forecast for today.