Steps to prevent accidents like Mahabubnagar chalked out


accidents-preventiveNew Delhi,  In a bid to check recurrence of accidents like that of Andhra Pradesh in which forty-five passengers were charred to death, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has asked NATRIP to probe the incidents and come out with a report to prevent such occurrences.

Forty-five passengers were charred to death at Mehbubnagar district in Andhra Pradesh as a private luxury bus burst into flames after its fuel tank caught fire.

The MoRTH has taken the incident seriously and requested the NATRIP (National Automative Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project) under the Ministry of Heavy Industry, which has specialised accident crash investigation vehicle and team, to immediately enquire into the incident and suggest ways to prevent repetition of such incidents, an official statment said. The Ministry has also requested the state Government to enquire upon and suggest remedial measures.

While the detailed investigation will take time, based on the first-hand reports, the MoRTH is sending advisory to the States Governments to notify on and within the coach/bus, 24X7 monitored phone numbers on which the passengers or bystanders, can call up or SMS, incidents which can cause accidents, it said. Any quick remedy can prevent them from happening, including those related to the driver and the vehicle, it said adding, the Ministry has also requested the States to make this notification as necessary condition of the transport permit.