Subrata Roy gets VIP treatment in custody, Locals angry at police


subrataroyLucknow: After being sent to custody by a court in Lucknow on Friday, Sahara chief Subrata Roy is living in a forest guest house in Lucknow, which is supposed to be one of the best in the city. The police have also closed down the popular picnic spot in order to secure the area.

Questions are being raised on why Subrata Roy is being given such special treatment as this is yet another instance of the Uttar Pradesh Police dishing out special treatment to VIPs.

The CJM court has said the UP police must produce Subrata Roy in the Supreme Court, but till then it is their prerogative to house him where ever they want. The UP police decided on this guest house.

The guest house is considered to be among the best in Lucknow. Ever since the news of Roy being detained there came out, all efforts have gone in to ensure that the Sahara chief faces no problems.

No outsiders are being allowed inside what is otherwise a common picnic spot. Even those who regularly go there for morning walks have been refused. However, no such restrictions have been imposed for anyone near or dear to the Sahara chief.

“I had brought my students here for a picnic. The police told me the park is closed for three days,” said a teacher. “My friends and I come here to run every day. We are being refused entry because Subrata Roy is getting special treatment,” said a resident.

On Friday, on one hand while the UP police did not ask the court to put Roy under judicial remand, on the other hand they argued that all aspects of the case are under the supervision of the Supreme Court. Yet this issue raises the same questions again as to whether the laws are different for the influential as compared to the common man.