Supended Seemandhra MPs respond on Supension


suspended-MPsNew Delhi: Minutes after the AICC served suspension orders to 6 Seemandhra MPs from its party, the rebel MPs came down heavily against the Congress High Command. While one leader said they were prepared to face anything, a few others opined that Congress was making a Big mistake!

Latest reports coming in suggest that even though the Seemandhra MPs have been expelled from the party, they will continue as the MPs till the Parliament sessions end.

Responding to the news of suspension, Guntur MP Rayapati Sambasiva Rao said that they will announce their future course of action after February 21.

Rayapati said that they signed the no-confidence motion only after being prepared for everything.
He also said that their no-confidence motion was not against the Congress party, but its decision to divide Andhra Pradesh.

Another MP Sabbam Hari who faces suspension said: “Congress suspended us only to give a reply to the Opposition parties.”

He said that after February 21, there will be no takers for the party even when it issues B form. “The election notification will be out after 24 and all the MPs are ready to follow our foot steps. They ready to quit the party,” he said.

“The Congress party has done us good by suspending us from the party as we are free to vote against the Telangana Bill. Our present aim is to stall the proceedings to see that the Bill is not intorduced in the Parliament for the next 15 days,” he added.

Joining the chorus, another MP Sai Pratap said that Congress party has done a mistake by suspending them.

“Those who suspnded us will perish. We are proud of our suspension as we stood by the people,” he added.

When Lagadapati was asked about the suspension, he said “I learnt about this only through the media. But officially, I have not received any information yet. We are ready to quit politics for the Samaikyandhra cause. Suspension from the party is not  a big matter for us,” he said.

“If the Congress sacks us, public will sack it,” he quipped.

Harsha Kumar said that the Party’s behaviour is like dogs barking six months after the robbery. “Why suspend now and not when we actually moved the no-confidence motion.”

Sonia Gandhi should first suspend Chidambaram, Jairam Ramesh for giving wrong directions, he added.