Sushma Swaraj Won’t Contest Elections


External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj announced on Tuesday that she willn’t contest 2019 Lok Sabha Polls or any other elections in future.

While campaigning for BJP in Madhya Pradesh, Ms Swaraj told: ‘Generally, The party will decide such matters but I have made up my mind due to health reasons’.

When media commented she wasn’t active for a year, The 66-Year-Old shot back: ‘It’s unfair to say I haven’t been active just because I didn’t attend election meetings’.

Sushma Swaraj is the sitting MP of Vidisha Constituency, which is close to Madhya Pradesh capital Bhopal. Posters questioning the prolonged absence of the Union Minister surfaced in her constituency recently.

Soon after her announcement, Sushma’s Hubby placed a sensible tweet: ‘Madam – Thank you very much for your decision not to contest any more elections. I remember there came a time when even Milkha Singh stopped running. @sushmaswaraj’.

Family Members confirm there were no political reasons behind the decision and it’s purely personal as Sushma had underwent Kidney Transplantation few months ago. She contested 11 elections so far and has been a huge asset for BJP.

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