Suspended top cop in Chhattisgarh shoots wife, children before killing himself


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Jagdalpur: A senior police officer who was suspended yesterday after a fight with a judge allegedly shot his wife and two children late last night before turning the gun on himself in Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh.

Superintendent of Police Devnarayan Patel, 40, and his wife,35, are dead. Their daughter, 11, and son, 8, were both shot in the chest and are in a hospital in Raipur, 300 km away.

Mr Patel, a decorated officer who received the President’s award last year for a successful anti-Maoist operation, was suspended yesterday after he allegedly slapped a district court judge on a road.

On Sunday, the officer reportedly saw the judge’s car blocking traffic and confronted him. In the argument, the judge, A Toppo, allegedly abused the cop, who reportedly slapped him not knowing that he was a judge.
Under pressure to take action, the police suspended Mr Patel on Monday evening.

The officer was reportedly very upset and hours later, at around 2 am, used his service weapon to shoot his family before killing himself. No suicide letter has been recovered yet.

He had been transferred to this post just six months ago.