SV Subba Reddy responds on daughter Shobha Nagireddy’s death


sv-subba-reddyHyderabad: SV Subba Reddy, father of Shobha Nagi Reddy, could not control his emotions after hearing about his daughter’s sudden death.

Expressing his grief, the senior leader said that he could not believe that Shobha was no more. ” I don’t know what to say. She is my younger daughter, and she  entered politics at young age. She had an active interest in politics since her childhood. She, also managed to retain her good name in politics .

He added that he had never seen a leader like her, achieving so much at such a tender age. “I was very happy when she was being appreciated by everyone. I cannot express my grief,” an emotional Subba Reddy said.

He said that he got the news about her accident from a friend of his. He wanted to go to Nandyal, but was stopped by his son, as he is a heart patient.

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