T-Polls: Mohan Babu’s Sensational Appeal!


Collection King Mohan Babu is known for his straight-forwardness. He didn’t mince words while sharing his opinion on upcoming Telangana Assembly Polls as well.

Mohan Babu: ‘Never expected that I would speak in favour of KCR who treated Me like a villain in 2014. Telangana People achieved the statehood under the leadership of TRS Supremo. KCR ruled the state wonderfully for four-and-a-half years. People have to safeguard Telangana once again by choosing the right party in the Early Polls. There is casteism in Andhra and Rayalaseema. At least, Telanganites shoudn’t get influenced by the Caste Politics’.

Although Lagadapati Rajagopal predicted the victory of Mahakutami, Mohan Babu came forward to extend his support to the TRS during the tough phase. Looks like, Several Andhra People are concerned about the progress of the Telangana state if TDP-Congress-TJS-CPI Combine gets hold of power. Many Intellectuals are of the feeling that KCR should continue in power for another 5 years to complete the projects like Mission Bhageeratha, Mission Kakatiya and Kaleshwaram.

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