Take it easy Kolkata, you have five days to celebrate Sachin Tendulkar


sachin-tendulkarWe take every care to make sure the first birthday of our child is a memorable one. Equal attention is given to the don’ts besides the do’s – to ensure nothing annoys the toddler, that he and his friends have a blast.

Not much dissimilar is happening in Kolkata and will continue over the next five days, with Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) acting as the parent and Sachin Tendulkar the child they are trying to please. But there’s method even to madness.

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A toddler may enjoy confetti blasts but not sportspersons training, focusing, meditating to win a game for their country. CAB, it seems, is ignoring the don’ts while needlessly adding some woeful do’s to its list.

You need to maintain decorum even in celebration mode. We are talking about Test cricket here. Tendulkar may be playing his last Test at the Eden Gardens in his farewell series, but that doesn’t undermine the value of the series itself. There’s a mtach to be won, for which the players have to prepare, and there’s certain protocol they follow to do that.

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Bursting confetti, aping the west by making wax replicas, lining up students on players’ path to practice are best ways to annoy sportspersons, not please them. It may work on the podium but certainly not before the game is over. CAB needs to understand that, and according to reports, it has already miffed Tendulkar. PTI reported that Tendulkar said he’s not bigger than the sport. “I heard that Tendulkar was upset with the confetti burst and other things. He also cancelled his visit to a photo exhibition at the Bhowanipore Tent,” senior joint secretary Mukherjee told PTI.

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Yes, Tendulkar’s exit has to be a grand one, but the festivities need to be restrained until the game is over.

Source: IBN