TCS Employee Anuhya’s death Mystery


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Hyderabad: In a shocking incident, the brutal murder of a woman, a techie, was discovered 11 days after the incident.  The techie, Istar Anuhya, who was working with TCS in Mumbai, was a resident of Machilipatnam, Krishna district.

According to reports, she was visiting Machlipatnam for Christmas, and was to return to Mumbai on January 4 in Vishakapatnam- Mumbai LTT express train. On the day of her departure she spoke to her father Prasad, and during the call she told him that she will call him back at 10 pm, and suddenly the line went dead.

As per reports, police said that Anuhya was probably raped and then murdered. The police have added that they will investigate the case further and more clues will come to light after postmortem. The police also went through her call records, and found out that the last call from Anuhya’s cell was to her friend, Hemant.

The father also alleged that the Mumbai police was not very helpful. In spite of Andhra police requesting their help, the Mumbai police did not co-operate very well.

Prasad added that when their relatives tried to get an audience with Mumbai Additional Commissioner, Kaushik, the latter did not respond properly.

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