TDP, BJP alliance will rule the roost: India Today Survey


India-Today-SurveyOn more survey declares that the TDP and BJP alliance will have an awestruck victory in the looming general elections in the state. According to the recent survey by India Today and Cicero, the results will be in favour of TDP and BJP combine.

According to an estimation learnt through the survey, the alliance will surely win 17-21 Lok Sabha Seats in either region of the Andhra Pradesh. Second in the race, according to the exit poll survey, is the YSR Congress Party with a gain of 7-11 MP seats.

While Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) Party which has been projecting it as the Champion of Telangana emotion is expected to bag 6-10 MP seats, others are expected to bag 0-2 seats (Others include MIM and independents, supposedly).

Clear examination of the exit poll results would reveal the fact that it would be the time for Naidu in Seemandhra; and a sure hung assembly in Telangana. What matters is how far this exit poll results are reliable and valid. The answer lies only in the actual poll verdict. Till that time every party has to keep their fingers crossed.

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