Team Pawan Kalyan Leaves Senior Leaders Iirritated!


It’s been four years since Pawan Kalyan launched his Jana Sena amid fanfare. He has been active in the party off and on focusing alternatively on films and politics. For the last few months, he is fully into politics. But even now, he seems unable to understand the difference between films and politics. Due to this, he is losing senior and experienced hands.

No doubt fans are Pawan Kalyan’s biggest asset. But to run a party, one needs senior and experienced leaders. There are but few such people in Jana Sena. As of now, the party affairs are being run by a handful of trusted persons and some mediapersons. Everything is entrusted to them. What more, even senior hands have to first inform and get an appointment to meet Pawan from these greenhorns.

Senior leaders are peeved. They are finding this very insulting. Some are getting irritated. Most of those in the inner most coterie of Pawan Kalyan are very juniors and come from the film industry. Their understanding of the politics is zilch. They do not know how to treat politicians. These leaders feel that this bunch of greenhorns are only helping in making Pawan all the more inaccessible. A senior leader from East Godavari has recently vented his ire on the team and said that these guys are ruining Pawan. There are also allegations that some of these juniors are busy making money in fixing appointments.

Will Pawan wake up at least now and set his house in order?

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