Telangana Bill to go to Rajya sabha first


rajya-sabhaHyderabad: Political developments in Delhi are changing at a very rapid speed. The Congress party and the opposition parties are vying with each other to outwit the other. While the Congress is trying to ensure that it goes ahead with the introduction of the T bill, the opposition is bent upon creating road blocks on the grounds that the Central government is ignoring the interests of Seemandhra region.

In view of this, the Congress party has decided to introduce the Andhra Pradesh State Reorganisation Bill 2013 first in Rajya Sabha. It is learnt that the GoM has made about 16-18 amendments. The Bill will be sent to the President on February 6. After studying the Bill, the President will send it back to the government on Februayr 8 and the government would move the bill first in Rajya Sabha on February 10.

Sources said that the Union Minister for Home Sushil Kumar Shinde had written a letter to the Chairman of Rajya Sabha, indicating that the Bill would be introduced on the 10th. The main reason for this sudden shift in the party’s strategy is two-fold. The Opposition parties are in majority in Rajya Sabha and it would give the Congress party to expose their “double standards.” Secondly, even if the Lok Sabha is dissolved without passing the bill, the Bill would remain alive, sources add.