Telangana woman win Oakland seat against Trump’s party


Indian-American, Padma Kuppa, a Democrat, won against Republican Doug Tietz in the US Mid-term elections from Oakland County. Padma who studied at REC Warangal in Telangana, collected 51.3 percent versus 48.7 percent for Tietz. She is among Oakland County candidates whose efforts were critical in Democratic efforts to win control of the state Legislature.

Kuppa, a 53-year-old from Troy, is among 10 female candidates in the top 13 target races for House Democrats. Kuppa was competing with Republican Oakland County Commissioner Doug Tietz in the 41st state House District that includes Troy and Clawson. Term-limited Republican Rep. Martin Howrylak won re-election by 13 percentage points two years ago, but district voters narrowly favored Democrat Hillary Clinton over Trump in the presidential race.

Two years after his narrow statewide win, Trump’s approval rating is underwater in affluent and educated areas such as suburban Oakland County, especially with women. Amid the backdrop of national turmoil and political division, both Kuppa and Tietz promoted themselves as problem solvers fit to represent the swing district. And, finally, Kuppa won the seat for the Democrats!

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