Telugu Drops To 4th Position In India


Telugu has slipped down to fourth position in the list of most spoken Indian languages, according to the be census data figures. Until now, Telugu was the third most spoken language in the country.

As per the survey, around 8.1 crore people speak Telugu. Telugu is in the list of slowest growing languages at the rate of 9.65 percent. Marathi dethroned Telugu to occupy the 3rd slot with 8.3 crore speakers.

On the other hand, Hindi and Bengali continue to remain as the number one and two most spoken Indian languages, apart from becoming the fastest growing Indian languages, followed by Kashmiri.

However, Telugu scholars don’t approve of the latest language census survey. They opine that a sizeable Telugu population lives in taken into account Telugus living in Kharagpur, Bhilai, Odisha and Karnataka. If Telugus living in these regions were taken into account, Telugu would be the 2nd or 3rd most spoken Indian language, scholars opine.