Ticket collectors in Manuguru-Secunderabad Express looting passengers


manuguru-secbad-expressHyderabad: As per the reliable sources, the Ticket collectors in the Manuguru-Secunderabad Express train( Train Number 12751) are looting the Passengers. They are reported to be demanding Rs. 350 to 500 from each passenger for the allotment of Berth. The berths are being sold by them to the passengers with General ticket, without alloting the berths to the passengers with RAC( reservation against cancellation) and Wait list status.

A single berth is allotted to two passengers in some cases by demanding 3/4 th of the ticket fare. The passengers( the reserved ) are facing severe inconvenience due to the Ticket collectors’ acts.

A seperate checking team has to be recruited to keep a vigilance on such Ticket collectors, demand the passengers.