Tirumala Joliki Vasthe Narikestha: Shivaji


Hero Shivaji has been behaving more like a TDP Leader off late. After the Operation Garuda episode, He is now focussing on the TTD issue raised by BJP Leader Subramanian Swamy in the High Court & IT Raids in Telugu States.

Shivaji’s comments on MP Subramanian Swamy – ‘Vado Sannasi…Evadaina Tirumala Joliki Vasthe Narikestha’.

Surprisingly, Shivaji claimed he will soon come up with an Army to fight for Special Category Status. He declared his Army would stage protest on AP Roads on November 2nd.

Shivaji opined GVL Narasimha Rao is still able to live in the state because of the goodness of Andhrites. ‘Can he roam in Telangana targeting the Ruling Party in the same manner? IT Raids have been conducted to divert the attention of people from Rafale Deal. An individual is behind the IT Raids on Revanth and Narayana. Four Powerful People in Delhi have been doing injustice to AP from,’ he alleged.

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