Tirupati & Vijayawada In Top 10, Why Not Hyd?


Hyderabad is always known to be one of the best Livable Cities in the country. Shockingly, The Pearl City didn’t feature in the list of Top 10 Best Livable Cities in the latest rankings. At the same time, Two Cities in Andhra Pradesh made it to the Top 10 chart.

Ease Of Living Index – Top 10 Ranked Cities in India:

1) Pune, 2) Navi Mumbai, 3) Greater Mumbai, 4) Tirupati, 5) Chandigarh, 6) Thane, 7) Raipur, 8) Indore, 9) Vijayawada, 10) Bhopal.

Union Minister Hardeep Singh explained ‘Ease Of Living’ index is related to Governance, Social Institutions, Economic and Physical Infrastructure.

None of the Cities from Telangana featured in the Top 10 Ranked Cities in India. It’s a big embarrassment to the TRS Government which is promoting Hyd as a Global City.

What’s even more shocking is the 65th Rank awarded for the National Capital Delhi.