Titanic’s Last Menu & Ticket all set for Auction


Some of the memorable artifacts of Passengers who survived the sinking of the Titanic in the year 1912 will go for auction online on September 30th this year.

The items include Last Menu Served on Titanic, A Letter Written by a Survivor and Ticket to the Turkish Bath aboard the vessel. Two US Auction Houses are staging the event and they are expecting the items to fetch thousands of dollars each.

A letter written by one the survivors to another 6 months after the tragedy mentions about the sequence of incidents on the day it happened.

Last Menu features the details of the menu served on Titanic before sinking. This is expected to fetch anywhere around $70,000 in the auction.

Last but not the least, The ticket from Titanic’s weighing chair which was used to estimate the weight of an individual in the ship’s Turkish Baths cooling room.

Titanic began its maiden voyage from Southampton (England) on April 11th in 1912 to reach New York. It sinked within hours on April 15th after crashing an Iceberg and over 1,500 people died. Titanic-Last-Menu