Tollywood actor Suresh fires on UPA Govt for Bifurcating AP


sureshHyderabad: ‘AP was bifurcated just on emotion but not any real cause’, charged former hero and present character artist Suresh. Taking a strong exception to the way AP is split, and how people blindly invested in Hyderabad like a sheep, Suresh breathed fire literally.

Criticizing the timing of passing the bifurcation bill, Suresh said ‘Telangana is not given when people are dead, when people agitated, when students came on roads. But it is sanctioned when 2014 elections are just a month ahead’. He feels that these politicians have done a blunder by splitting state without announcing vision for development. ‘If you are really a statesman, you would have laid a road map for development and announced the future capital, source of finances’, he stressed.

Breathing fire on Sonia Gandhi’s Delhi centric ruling that is hampering India’s whole integrity, Suresh says she never understood what is being Indian. ‘Sonia Gandhi never visited AP, and never could she understand the personal emotions of Telugu people. How dare she is to split Andhra Pradesh by sitting in Delhi?’, asked former hero Suresh.

‘To come into power you should be a politician. But to continue in power and rule, you should be a statesman’, he says, asking people to chose better leader for in coming elections rather selling votes for money.

‘If a rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it. Today this bifurcation is inevitable, so enjoy it, and work for development’, he concluded, naming Narendra Modi and Chandrababu are best options among the present lot to elect.