Travel Bus burned in vizianagaram


travel-bus-burned-in-apVIZIANAGARAM: Private Travel minibus passing through Valliyanagam to Tatipudi is near the Navodaya College near here. According to passenger, 28 employees working in Vizianagaram Footwear Company were on their way to a private travel minibus on Tuesday. As soon as the tatipudi came, the bus went down to see the reservoir. Subsequently, the driver told the passengers that the bus was not moving from the bus to leave the bus.

The bus hit the road. After about a kilometer, the bus falls on the back of the bus. The bus rushed through the bus. So they are safe from this accident. Around Rs 20,000 worth of goods carrying passengers were scattered by the accident. The bus driver is absconding. Fire engineer Naidu, who received the information, was caught by police and staff at the site. The case was registered and it was investigated by SK Kota S. Nageswara Rao.