Trump’s Joke On Modi’s 2nd Marriage


US President Donald Trump has joked he could be matchmaker for Narendra Modi if the Indian PM is ready for a second marriage.

As per media reports, Trump made the above comment upon knowing from his aides that Narendra Modi & his Wife were living separately since several decades.

Modi married Jashodaben when he was in the teenage due to the pressure from his Parents. Though he never lived with his wife, The couple are yet to obtain divorce.

As per the report by The Post, Donald Trump often mocks PM Modi’s Indian accent.

The report published by Politico listed out Trump’s diplomatic faux-paud. Ahead of the meeting with Modi in White House last year, US President had pronounced Nepal as ‘Nipple’ and Bhutan as ‘Button’ while studying the map of South Asia. He didn’t even know until then that those two nations even exist.