Twist in Kukatpally Road Accident


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Hyderabad: The investigation in the Kukatpally Road accident has revealed surprising facts today.

As per the sources, five members were travelling in the car on the day of accident including the car owner Somyajit basu. As Somyajit basu has to leave for US( United States) the next day, he has given a party to 6 of his friends in a resort. After the party, five members has been travelling in the car including Somyajit basu and two of his friends were following him on Bike.

As per the Investigating team reports, it was not Sudeep but Somyajit basu drived the car on the day. When the car met with an accident, two of his friends died on the spot and two were severely injured. As Somyajit basu has to leave for US the next day, he left the accident spot soon after the accident and managed his two friends to name Sudeep as the driver of the car responsible for the accident. Somyajit basu has left for US the same night. The Police issued a Lock out Notice against him.

In a shocking incident, two software engineers, Sudeep and Ityaga, died in a road accident early, Saturday morning.

The incident took place in KPHB Colony in Hyderabad. The car, in which they were travelling, hit a tree and the duo died on the spot. Some trespassers notified the police and the latter rushed to the spot and recovered the dead bodies. The bodies were sent to government hospital for post mortem.