UAE man attacks mentally-challenged Indian boy


UAE-man-attackedA 24-year-old unemployed man in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was charged in a Dubai court with assaulting a mentally-challenged Indian boy and his father.

The attack with a cleaver led to permanent disability of the Indian man, a court in Dubai was told, the Khaleej Times reported Monday.

The Indian, a 38-year-old salesman, in his complaint to police said that his mentally challenged son, who has no perception of his actions, entered a neighbour’s house.

On coming to know about this, the salesman said he went to bring his son back and apologised to the house owner, but the Emirati man attacked them with a cleaver Nov 10 last year. His friends also joined him in the attack.

According to the forensic report, the man and his son were left with permanent injuries in the attack.

The Indian man’s hand was badly injured, and his son also sustained an arm injury.

“We knew from the father, a 38-year-old salesman, that because his son had that condition he was not aware of his doings and so he entered that house. Even though his father apologised for his son’s behaviour, the house-owner came from outside and attacked him,” a police officer told the prosecutor.

The Emirati man admitted to the charge.