Unbeatable Records Of Karunanidhi


DMK Patriarch M Karunanidhi never lost an election. He was elected as a Lawmaker as many as 13 times since 1957.

Karunanidhi was 48-Years-Old when he became CM of Tamil Nadu for the first time. Annadurai died of cancer in 1969. That’s when he got the opportunity. There after he went on to be Tamil Nadu CM for four more times.

The efforts put in by Karunanidhi in 1974 earned the right for Chief Ministers to hoist the National Flag on Independence Day. He was the one who complained to then PM Indira Gandhi that everyone except CM got the chance to unfurl the tri-colour.

After failing to pass Class X, Karunanidhi moved to Coimbatore to focus on scriptwriting. He joined DMK when Annadurai floated it in 1949 and shot to fame when he led the ‘Kallakudi Agitation’ in 1953 by lying over railway tracks. Mani Ratnam included that incident in ‘Iddaru’ as well.