US Flag Burnt In Iran Parliament


United States of America citizens, majority of them have been against Donald Trump and as the President is gaining even more flack and hatred for everything he does, he made another controversial decision.

He announced that the Nuclear deal with Iran will no longer hold and US is withdrawing from it.

He maintained that the deal done by Obama in 2015 is dangerous to world and America. Hence, they are withdrawing from the deal and if any country will try to support Iran, then they will be enemies of America too.

On Tuesday night, he took this decision and claimed that Iran is investing in nuclear missiles that would be a threat to World peace.

Due to this statement, on Wednesday, in Iran Parliament, Ayatollah Khomineni and twenty other members of Parliament decided to burn US flag and even a copy of US Nuclear deal.

Ayatollah announced that Iran will continue to invest in Ballistic missiles and no one can stop them from doing so.

He also commented that USA, France, UK and Germany cannot be trusted anymore.

He also said that Donald Trump has lost his credibility in the eyes of global leaders and most of his comments made while announcing his decision to withdraw from deal are baseless.