US Mother’s Day parade shooting: Police arrest six suspects


New Orleans: Residents of one of America’s most violent cities cheered six arrests in a Mother’s Day parade shooting that left 19 people wounded and three in critical condition.

Two New Orleans brothers were booked with 20 counts each of attempted second-degree murder in Sunday’s shooting spree. Mayor Mitch Landrieu, who strongly promotes the city’s tourism industry, including the annual Mardi Gras celebration, said the arrests are the latest evidence of the city’s determination to stop the gunplay that mars its image.

“The culture of death and violence on the streets of New Orleans is unnatural, it’s unacceptable, and the people of New Orleans have had enough,” Landrieu said.

Akein Scott, 19, was captured on Wednesday night. His brother, Shawn Scott, 24, was arrested on Friday morning. Four others were arrested for allegedly helping Akein Scott avoid capture. Police said the shootings were believed to be gang related.

The Dalai Lama, who visited New Orleans for the first time on Friday, expressed condolences to victims. “Nonviolence is the only way of solving problems,” he told reporters. “The real gun control, ultimately it comes here,” the Tibetan spiritual leader said, pointing at his heart.

Sunday’s shooting happened less than two miles from the popular French Quarter in the heart of the southern city on the Mississippi River.

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