Use Andhra Chopper, Abuse Andhraites: This Is KCR style


KCR’s acerbic talk and acid tongue are well-known. He can give such a tongue-lashing that those at the receiving end will have to scurry for cover. When he wants, he can sweet-talk people and charm them with his words. At the same time, he can spit fire and spew venom if he wants. Look at the way he is attacking Chandrababu Naidu and the Congress over their alliance! Whenever he is in defence, he will lapse into a verbal attack of the worst kind.

In the run-up to the elections, he has begun attacking Andhraites once again. He has been hurling choicest abuses on Chandrababu Naidu. He called him names forgetting that he had fought 2009 elections in association with the same Chandrabu. Speaking at an election rally in Nalgonda, he slammed the Congress for falling for the few crumbs that the TDP threw at them. He said the Congress leaders have agreed for an alliance with Chandrababu just because he offered three helicopters for campaign.

But, we do want to know whose chopper is KCR using for his election campaign. He has been hopping from place to place on a chopper owned by an Andraite. The company owner is from Andhra and this is public knowledge. The helicopter belongs to a famous contractor from Andhra Pradesh. So, KCR may be lambasting and lampooning Andhra people, but he is also using their chopper. More interestingly, this contractor is said to be given VIP treatment in Telangana and is involved in several key projects.

So, what are you KCR – an Andhra baiter or a user of Andhraites?

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