Venugopal Reddy saved lakhs of students career


l-venugopal-reddyCongratulations for daring decision taken by Mr L Venugopal Reddy to save the lakhs of students’ career. For the last few days, tension gripped in the minds of lakhs of engineering students for the uncertainty continued in admissions.  Though it has become convenient to equate both the Governments of AP and Telangana and blame them equally, it is not true. In fact AP Government wanted to conduct counselling immediately whereas Telangana Government wanted to postpone it till October. Telangana Government already filed affidavit accordingly in Supreme Court.

KCR is playing with lives of lakhs of people for the sake of narrow and sectarian policies pursued with to satisfy his ego. He removed fee reimbursement scheme and replaced it with FAST (Financial Assistance for Students in Telangana). He wanted to apply it to the students whose parents were native of erstwhile Telangana Region prior to 1956. This decision is very difficult to stand before law of the land.

Let us try to understand the implications of this decision. If a person stays for 57 years in Telangana area, his children are not eligible for FAST as he did not stay since 1956. Is there any State in India which implemented such mad laws?  Shiva Sena which exhibits more sectarian outlook never even demanded such laws.

The TRS leaders who always says that they are not against common people of Andhra but only against their selfish and capitalist leaders showed in practice in reverse. Is it not hypocrisy? At the outset, it is difficult to understand that how a person who settled in Telangana long back will become non-Telanganite.

What is the yardstick for nativity? As per Constitution or as per whims and fancies of any individual! TRS leaders themselves told before elections that there will be no discrimination between ‘settlers’ and ‘non-settlers’. And they promised that such word itself will not be used here after. Anyway, these matters will be dealt by honourable Courts soon.

Our concern is with regard to admissions in to colleges immediately. Mr. L Venugopal Reddy, Chairman, AP State Council of Higher Education acted assertively invoking his authority as stipulated in AP Reorganisation Act. He waited for a long time for amicable settlement of the issue between two Governments. When it appears that there is remote possibility to such a compromise, he invoked his authority in the interest of students of both the States.

It is not correct to state that he took the decision without representatives from Telangana Government. He sent notice in advance and talked over phone but it is the irresponsible behavior of KCR and his team who decided not to attend.

Country is in badly need of such bureauracrats who will be assertive and dynamic. Kudos to Venugopal Reddy. We congratulate you and we are hundred percent confidant that Supreme Court will definitely will pat you and give green signal to go ahead for completion of the process which you initiated today.