This Video Will Make Every Indian Heart Swell With Pride: Dying Moments Of A Jawan


A video of critically injured brave-heart from security forces giving instructions till the end during a pitched battle has taken the social media by storm. It’s winning the hearts of all Indians for the dying officer showed commitment to the call of duty even in the final moments of his life. In the video, the officer in olive green fatigues keeps giving instructions while lying face down on the soil with both eyes closed. One can see the officer in deep pain, but showed the mettle with which the bravest leaders of Indian security forces are made off.

In the video of 1.14 minute-duration, the officer directs the the jawans to ensure the safety of those injured and inform the headquarters about the attack. he also tells that Six Delta formation would command the operation now. He directs the jawans to keep firing single shots. Though his men keep asking him to stop tiring himself by speaking, he tells them to light a fire to raise a smoke to indicate the location if and when the chopper arrives.

Though this is a video of the CRPF official’s dying moments, the netizens mistook it to be that of Major Prafulla Ambadas Moharkar, who died while fighting Pakistani troops along the Line of Control in Jammu Kahshmir’s Keri sector. He and two more jawans died in the firing.

But, this video has shown how committed the jawans are even in the last moments of their life. Watch the video: