Vikram Gowd Gun Fire Twist : Athadu Movie Type Plan


vikramgoudA la Trivikram Srinivas and Mahesh Babu’s Athadu, politician Vikram Goud, son of former Minister Mukesh Goud, has reportedly planned an attack on himself. According to police who is investigating the gun fire incident on Vikram Goud that took place on July 28, Vikram has allegedly paid money to the attackers to shoot at him and left him injured. While Vikram is still in recuperating in hospital, more details are yet to be revealed.

Cops said to have taken three of the four attackers in the case into custody. As per the investigation, the attackers admitted to the crime and revealed Vikram’s name. Cops have launched a manhunt for the fourth attacker. A special task-force team has been sent to Anantapur to nab the fourth accused.

Apparently, Vikram has recruited four persons belonging to Anantapur to execute his plan and paid some money for this. While the exact reasons for the act are not known, cops have come to the conclusion that Vikram is the both victim and main-accused in the case. During the initial investigation, cops found it difficult when they received different answers from Vikram and his wife. Cops grew suspicious and after nabbing the accused, it became evident that Vikram also involved into this.

Cops are planning to put various cases against Vikram for his act and misleading the cops. For the past three days, several teams of Taskforce have been working on the case. Meanwhile, cops are yet to ascertain the missing links in the case. The gun with which Vikram was shot is not found yet and is still missing. The gun powder found on Vikram’s hands also raising to new suspicion that he could also shot at himself.

As of now, police are probing the issue. More details are yet to be traced.